December 6th, 2012 New Zealand, Auckland tornado

Jan 7, 2008
Bryan, TX
If confirmed, allegedly the deadliest tornado in 60 years, though seems to have been small and not intense by EF-Scale standards or the visuals so far.

However, this mention of concrete falling sounds notable: "Fire services communications manager Peter Stevenson said two people had been killed when a slab of concrete fell onto a truck"--
Metservice ended up calling this event a "Wind Storm" basically due to the fact no visual tornado was sighted. Personally im not convinced a tornado didnt happen as a rain wrapped tornado may not have been sighted.

This tragic event has been widely reported as a tornado. On Friday 7 December, as I wrote this blog, there certainly was an absence of evidence of a tornado. But absence of evidence is not evidence of absence. Over the last few days it has become increasingly clear — from inspecting aerial views of the damage swath, and from correspondence from people in the area at the time — that this was much more likely to have been a localised wind storm known as a microburst