Convective Explosion: Birth of a Thunderstorm

May 1, 2004
Springfield, IL
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Shot this lapse on August 26 as a severe thunderstorm was blossoming over central Illinois. Used a Canon 60D with EFS 10-22 and Magic Lantern's raw video feature. The raw video feature is experimental and flaky at times. I accidentally corrupted my original raw files and had to write a program to fix them. Then there were a couple errors during recording. I lost almost the last third of the first sequence, which is a shame because that's when the storm was really getting beefy. I'm not sure what happened, perhaps the camera overheated. Temps were almost 90F and that camera gets pretty hot running in raw video. Dews were in the 70's too. I had to wait for the camera to adjust to the outside temp and then hit the lens with a cloth before I could shoot as the lens was fogging up.