Coders create weather bots in Pittsburgh using IBM Watson

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    Grace Kao, 21, had never built a bot before.

    But in less than two hours on Wednesday evening, the junior computer science major at Carnegie Mellon University created her own weather chatbot on her Macbook Pro, which could not only tell her about the climate but also recommend suitable apparel for current conditions.

    “A lot of the work we do [in school] is theoretical and I thought it’s great that this is hands on,” she said.

    Ms. Kao is one of about 36 coders who attended an IBM Coding Cognitive workshop Wednesday at Ace Hotel in East Liberty as a part of Pittsburgh’s Inclusive Innovation Week. Previous locations included New York, Los Angeles and London.

    Since artificial intelligence is not always easily accessible, the events aim to bridge the gap between coders and technology like IBM Watson, a question-answering AI supercomputer. This process benefits both flourishing programmers and Watson, explained Jeanne Jang, director of IBM’s Digital Innovation Lab.

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