Cloud pictures needed for the International Cloud Atlas (WMO)

Steve Cohn

Jun 23, 2016
Boulder, CO
The world reference for clouds is being revised (first time since 1987!) and we are seeking cloud pictures as reference images. This is the World Meteorological Organization’s International Cloud Atlas.

If you’re interesting in submitting pictures, please start at

I’m posting here because there will be a (new) glossary that includes many severe weather visual features. We need great examples of many things, including the list below and more.

Anvil dome Anvil rollover Arcus shelf cloud Back-sheared anvil Barber pole Bear's cage Beaver's tail Feeder / inflow bands Knuckles Mamma Microburst Overshooting top Roll cloud / Morning Glory Tail cloud towering cumulus Turkey tower Wall cloud Funnel cloud Tornadoes (all types) wedge tornado rope tornado Landspout Waterspout Gustnado Haboob Blowing dust cloud to ground lightning intra cloud lightning cloud to cloud lightning anvil lightning ground to cloud lightning anvil crawlers heat lightning Hailstones Giant hailstones St. Elmo's fire Sprites Jets Elves dust devil snow devil steam devil

I hope you will consider contributing your best images and video/time-lapse (and metadata with it)
ps: It’s not a ‘contest’. The WMO task team experts will choose the best image to illustrate each phenomenon, and WMO will need you to provide them the copyright.