Chasercon May Be Disappearing--Thank the Hills for their service

Jeff House

Jun 1, 2008
Chattanooga, TN
I would love to be on the Sunday evening chats. However, even here in Eastern Time, it's too early. Child is not asleep yet. I believe the interest level is impacted by how busy people are these days, double career, more kid's activities, and work demands to be always available. Hopefully people are not picking stupid social media over a quality discussion here.

I'd almost rather do them during business lunch hour. Frankly most of us with professional jobs have the ability to do so during business hours. Students could do it between classes. Sure no time is perfect. Some jobs don't permit it business hours. Maybe experiment and see what times of the week interest is higher.

Shane Adams

The Sunday evening chats are left up for a full week; users can jump in at their convenience and add comments/join the conversation.