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Jul 2, 2004
Hastings, Michigan
See some storms, post pictures and reports here, get involved in some discussions, have a few disagreements, it's a part of life. I think you'll learn that it is not as uptight of a place as you think. Don't run and become immediately offended, like everyone seems to do these days. I think if you were to simply get involved on this forum you would recognize that it is a fairly welcoming environment as long as you have some common sense.
Yes, that's it exactly. Well said, Mike. There are some insanely bright minds here (or in some cases, just plain insane) with loads of experience and education, both academic and practical, who are eager to share their knowledge and encourage growth. This is not at all a formidable community--it is a generous one. But it is a community of sorts, and it pays to learn its ins and outs and diverse personalities.
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Todd Lemery

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Jun 2, 2014
Menominee, MI
I had my then 16 year old son out driving at night last year. After a county road 4way stop, where he then pulled inline behind a car traveling the same direction as us. My son, while right behind this car, turned his brights on. These were those blue ones that I personally don't like too. I told him "Vinny, shut your brights off" as we illuminated the inside of this person's car like a police cruiser. He looked at me and said "why?" And I mostly joking said "so you don't get shot!". Now, if I wasn't with him and the other driver ended up shaking his fist at my son or something, he would of come home and told how some crazy driver acted mad at him for no reason.
My son, with his lack of experience, had no idea what he was doing was annoying to other drivers. I have no idea if he is still showing off how bright his brights are into other people's rear view mirrors, but if he is doing it now, he does understand that not all drivers like that.
I look at this forum the same way. Getting other people's opinions, even if you don't like them, helps you make better informed decisions.
I keep a low profile. The only thing you will notice is an extra antenna and a small magnetic amber strobe light that gets turned on maybe once or twice a year. I know a lot of people do not like any extra lighting, but I make my decision knowing this.
There will be a wide range of opinions on most topics. Enjoy and embrace other's opinion's, especially those with which you may not agree. Those opinions are probably based on an experience that is different from your own.
May 16, 2011
Seattle , Wa
Likely excuse to have a needless Skywarn magnet on your vehicle. You have no substantial evidence to back up your theory on whether or not your tiny little Skywarn magnet resulted in having fewer stop and asks from police. It's pure randomness. In all the years I've been storm chasing, the times I've stood along a highway or dirt road at night shooting lightning, take a guess at how many times I was approached by law enforcement... just guess. The answer is 0. I never had a Skywarn magnet on my vehicle, and yet all these times I stood along highways or dirt roads at night not once did I have a cop stop.

And just so you know, when a cop is pulling in behind a vehicle he's focusing on the license plate and the surrounding environment, he's not looking at your Skywarn magnet. lol
I have had one interesting run in with Police in Kansas during the Lacrosse May 25th chase, other than that we have been pulled over once in 8 years of chasing for speeding.
Then the SAME DAY, we got pulled over again by a very friendly Sheriff in Colorado who wanted to know if we would send pictures of the ghost white/ rainbow tornado during May 9th 2015 to him!
Yes, I'm Serious....
I sent him the pictures a few days later...

This was the Sheriff:

Cool guy, we took some pics with him also.