Chase Live Streaming

So to live stream the past few years I have been using a GoPro Hero 9 connected to the GoPro iPhone app and a mobile Mi-Fi internet device that streams to FB Live or Twitch. It's alot of moving parts just to stream online and quite a pain in the ass to get going and stay connected. When I am chasing I can't keep dedicating time to check my feed to make sure it is still connected. It's enough that I have to check my Tablet, laptop, phones, radios, and radars. Does anyone know of a dash camera that live streams? Someone suggested a BlackVue DR900X which streams to the cloud and what-not. But is that a real-time video streaming feed and can that be shared for the public to see? I see other chasers with setups on Twitch that have great resolution cameras that never lose connection, so, does anyone have any suggestions for a dash cam that I can stream real-time with for the public to see? Thanks in advance!