CASE Act Signed Into Law

Randy Jennings

May 18, 2013
"Heads up, photographers: there has just been a monumental change to the way you can defend your copyrighted photos from infringement. A copyright small claims system has arrived in the United States to help you collect compensation from those who misuse your work.

The CASE Act was just signed into law yesterday by President Trump as part of the massive 5,593-page, $1.4-trillion omnibus spending and COVID-19 relief bill"

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Warren Faidley

May 7, 2006
Mos Isley Space Port
Unfortunately, there is a big loophole that 99.9 of offenders will use: "Parties can opt-out of this small claims process — once a claim is filed, the accused infringer has 60 days to reject the process, forcing it to be heard in federal court instead. Decisions of the Claims Board can also be appealed in federal court."

Federal Court is extremely expensive to pursue a claim, so you are back to the original process.
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