Canon Vixia HV40 MiniDV

Sep 25, 2006
Minneapolis, MN
Selling my Canon Vixia HV40 Mini DV camcorder. Bought it after the 2010 chase season and have only used it a handful of times since (life got a lot busier after that season apparently). It’s still in great shape and records great video. It does well in low light settings. Only downfall (and the major reason I am selling it) is that it records on mini DV tapes, not to an internal hard drive or memory card. In order to transfer the video to a computer, you need to have a FireWire port and cable. Unfortunately, FireWire ports don’t come on most computers/laptops any more so I don’t really have a way to transfer the video. There may be other ways to transfer it, but the firewire port is the way I always did it and I’m not tech savvy enough to figure out another way.

It’s still a very solid camera and if you have a way to transfer the video this could be an absolute steal. Asking for $230 for it. I’ll pay shipping. I do not have the original box or manual, but I’m sure you can find the manual online. Comes with the camera, charging cable, and one unopened mini DV tape.