SN / RS Cannot Log Into Spotter Network

Mark Blue

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Feb 19, 2007
It sounds like you may also be using an external GPS puck with software to split your GPS signal so you can share it amongst several apps. Your iPhone is using its built in location services to currently display your location. This cannot be shared among other apps. It’s only for use on your iPhone. If your Verizon signal drops out for a minute or two your SN location will be affected by that and will display your last known location.

If I’ve made some incorrect assumptions about you using a GPS puck let me know. If not please advise me of all of the apps you’re using along with that setup and if it’s being used on a Windows laptop or whatever you have besides your iPhone. In other words: what OS is your laptop, what program splits your GPS signal, what streaming app are using, what brand of puck do you use, etc.

John Wetter

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Dec 11, 2005
Maple Grove, MN
Hi @Joyce Fountaine -
I'm trying to follow along here but to be honest I'm getting a bit muddy in the details so I'm going to start from the basics so please excuse me if some of this is review.
  • First, you are referring to OBS & x-split earlier on and refer to streaming. First up, SpotterNetwork and RS have nothing to do directly with streaming video which is what those apps are for.
  • Spotter Network ONLY deals with location; telling people where you are on a storm.
  • Now, some streaming services, like Severe Studios, pull in the location information for SN members that have provided Severe Studios with their SN username and have provided SN with their Severe Studios username. This creates the link between the two.
  • As far as RadarScope Tracking you, it will only be live tracking when you have the app open and allow it to track. Because leaving this option on all the time would have serious battery impacts, be sure you know your status with this.
  • RadarScope is tracking your location and reporting to SN when you have the multi-layered bullseye on you location.
  • Back to your Windows computer... You mentioned port 8, which is an often used port for GPS data. I assume you are talking about this with using a NEMA compliant GPS puck. This has nothing to do with RadarScope.
  • On your windows computer, it has to be NEMA GPS data, perhaps from Franson GPSgate? That's the only real way I see GPS data work well anymore. If that is the case, then Franson would tell you what ports to be on with the output. You'd then want to use those ports for the SN client and any other software you might be using like GRlevel3 as an example.
None of the above address streaming issues which you've mentioned a few times but hopefully help you with the location/GPS issues you've been seeing.
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