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Can Tornadic Subvortices Be Placed on the Gamma Microscale?

Roberto Gaianigo

I have not been able to find a clear place for this phenomenon. Subvortices or suction vortices, sized 0.5/50m (Cloud Dynamics-Robert A. Houze Jr.) and not exceeding one minute and generically called "subtornadic-scale vortices" (The Multiple-Vortex Structure of a Tornado-Joshua Wurman) . Considered as an integral or "accessory" part of a multivortex tornado as a whole, even in simulations. Experts know how important it is to divide and place atmospheric phenomena on their meteorological scale in order to avoid a whole series of potential misunderstandings, as happens between "tornado" and "mesocyclone".
By intuition could they be in micro-beta like for dust devils? or micro-gamma as for turbulence? or am I the one who poses false problems?