Camping out in your car while chasing

Jun 19, 2005
New Mexico
From time to time I have slept in my Xterra or van. I usually do truck stops or a rest area. Sometimes it has been to save money, and other times just safety, just too tired to keep driving. Bring a mask unless you have something to block the lights. I asked a truck stop if it was ok I slept for a few hours, they just looked at me like an idiot, because of course it is ok. I also slept just off the cap rock once cause I couldn't make it to Lubbock since I was so tired. It was nice waking up to the terrain that's just where the caprock ends. If you are continuing chasing, while not cheap, I do recommend a truck stop shower. Most are very well kept up, and it's amazing how much a shower refreshes you for the day. Have fun, good luck.

R. Doan

Apr 8, 2018
Westville Il
During my most recent chase, I car camped in a couple Walmart parking lots. The first was in Guymon Oklahoma, where I chose the southeast Colorado target (I knew it was a mistake with all the rain cooled air around but I went with the masses instead of my gut). The second night was in Colby Kansas which was difficult to find an isolated area to park. I ended up having car troubles, so I had to call the entire chase off and missed the Lynnwood EF-4. I have car camped country roads earlier this year with no issues ( this was the day of the Donnellson Illinois tornado producer , but as Dan said, it can take a while to find a good spot. The sunrise was amazing to say the least.