Call for Media - Stormtrack's Improved Media Viewer Is Available Now

Steve Miller

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Jun 14, 2004
Moore, OK
We have just finished optimizing the media area on Stormtrack and invite you to submit your best imagery. Yes, there are plenty of places on the interwebs to display your storm photos and video but, here at ST, we drive a lot (and I mean a lot) of traffic. This means your media is more likely to be seen by your target demographic and you're more likely to be approached by someone interested in purchasing your content. Some notes:
  1. ST does NOT own your stuff. If you display and/or sell your content, it's all you. ST is not involved. You may add & remove media at any time
  2. Image upload and YouTube video sharing is available at this time - Please ensure you describe your content in order to optimize traffic potential
  3. Share only compelling media. Consider posting your top images and video. As visitors view your media, it will climb in the rankings
  4. ST will ensure the quality of the media pages through a regular review of the quality and quantity of content. Top notch media only, please
  5. Click to check out the "Tornadoes" to get started. Members may upload into any category
  6. If you have questions, please comment below
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