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Lisa M Beal

I have also had great luck with the Amateur Electronic Supply ( store in Milwaukee.
Great hams on the sales desk, never sell you stuff you don't need, great selection of ham gear (new and used), and nice selection of weather stations (Davis, etc.) in stock.

I have not tried their other stores, but would love to hear from anybody who has.

Laura Dragoo

I work for VSA, Inc. in Lincoln, NE. We've been in business over 35 years and wholesale electronics and blank media including, but not limited to: Sony, Canon, Panasonic, JVC, Bogen, etc. We also have some availability of rental cameras. I've been here over 13 years and have no intention of leaving, a wonderful company! When you call us, you get an actual person. We will go out of our way to win your business and keep it. Most times we can beat any competitors pricing. I do accounting here not sales however, I would be happy to help anyone here if you'd like to give us a try.
Not trying to toot my own horn here but, we rock! Beep Beep!

402-467-3668 x 100
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There is a company on amazon that I have done business with that stands out because they go above and beyond what would be normally expected to make sure the customer is satisfied with what they bought . The do stand behind everything they sell. EZNMART is the name of the company and their website is:

Check them out when you need anything electronic or for your computer.
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Feb 26, 2009
Tulsa, OK
Wanted to give recommendation for Maximum Signal. Had an amp I bought earlier this year fail and I shipped it to them a week ago Friday. They replaced it and it was back here at the house by this weekend. Excellent warranty service.
Jun 14, 2009
Altoona, Iowa
Just purchased a new mid-level DSLR kit with bundled accessories through, but the seller was Cameta. Arrived within 3 days, everything in order and exactly what I thought I would be getting. I wouldn't hesitate to use Cameta again.

Drew Terril

Staff member
I've done business with Ham Radio Outlet for years, and, for the guys in Oklahoma and Texas, they've opened a brick and mortar store in Plano, TX. I went down there a few weeks ago when all I knew was what radio I wanted. They helped me pick out an antenna setup and one of the employees took me out to his truck to show me exactly how he set his up. I can't say enough about that. Aside from the time my geek side stood in awe of how much radio equipment there was to choose from, I was in and out in a very short period of time. For those who don't know, their website is Highly recommend going into their stores if you're close enough to do so though.