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Discussion in 'STORMTRACK: Announcements' started by Jonathan Whitehead, Jul 10, 2006.

  1. Jonathan Whitehead

    Apr 25, 2004
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    Several questions on ST forum board statistics box

    How come sometimes when im on the main ST forum page, I will see a board statistics box at the bottom of the page and then other times I wont?

    Also, on the board stats where it lists the active users, I will occasionally see not a persons name but a website or IM chat client (i.e. AIM or Yahoo!). Here in this pic, it shows as being an active user. How does that get on there?

  2. Jeff Snyder

    Dec 9, 2003
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    Re: the first point... It matters what forum page you are on. Look at the line beneath the line that says "Logged in as: " (above the actual forum). You'll see the board stats at the bottom of the page if it says "|> Stormtrack" (you see that the address in the browser is; you won't see the stats if it says "|> Stormtrack > Forums" (the address is These are two different pages.

    Re: the second point. I believe things like indicate that the Googlebot is indexing the forum. I'm not sure why AIM would be on there, however, since I don't know of an AIMbot.
  3. fplowman

    fplowman Guest

    Could it be that someone is contacting someone else using the AIM or Yahoo client for IM?

    If you go to a users profile you will see what if any IM clients they are subscribed to. You also may contact them using that client if you yourself have the same or compatible client. I would asume that is the reason for AIM or Yahoo messenger being a guest.. Maybe?????

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