Best Storm Photography Setup

Mar 8, 2009
Meadville PA
"Best" set up? IMO depends on your intent with your images. Long gone are the days when you have to spend a years income on camera gear. I run a dual head set up on a side is a cellphone mount, and the other side has a video camera that cost me $199 that gives me as good of a video image as the $20,000 news camera I used to have to haul. The cell phone is great for live video...remember the days of "first look" 3 line cell video with a 40 pound "portable" computer? Yikes. Glad those days of over. Unless you're producing videos for the commercial market or tv ( meaning you expect to be paid handsomely for it) not much use in spending a ton anymore. My Iphone gives me video as good as I used to get with the huge panasonic DVC that ate batteries for lunch.


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