Best Free Radar Software?

Parker B

Dec 13, 2021
Columbus, OH
Hi all,

I’m somewhat new to the weather enthusiast scene. What would be the best fully free radar software (preferably open source) out there for Windows? Is that kind of software even a thing?
Jul 5, 2009
Newtown, Pennsylvania
Radarscope and RadarOmega are great radar apps at a very cheap price.
Amazing how many people don’t want to pay $10 or whatever it is, whether it be for radar or even for other apps with safety applications such as iMap Weather Radio. I am old enough to remember buying software on CDs and nothing was ever less than $50 and that was obviously years ago, so much higher in today’s dollars…

Anyway, the OP mentioned open source so perhaps the intent is to use the data for some other custom application?

James K

Mar 26, 2019
I use this version of wX on an Android tablet.
Would love to find something similar for windows (win 8 or lower). and free ofcourse.
Kinda remember trying the Weather Climate Toolkit randy mentioned, but couldn't get it to work or something.
Tablet is deff great for portability, but if looking at weather at home, would also be nice to have a 2nd option on the computer with a larger screen..

I don't pay for downloads (of any type) .. that may or may not be somewhat limiting,,,