AWIPS 2 / EDEX: GOES-16 Included!

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    FWX Company is announcing $10.00 off for the lifetime of your service for all LDM and EDEX services by using the promo code BCY9ZC9IN4 *New Sign Ups Only!,.

    Data Provided
    • Model Data
      • Conduit – High resolution NCEP model data (GFS, GEFS, RUC2, and NAM)
      • NGRID – High resolution NOAAport model outputs
      • NOGAPS and COAMP model output from FNMOC
      • Global Wave Watch Models
      • Canadian Models
    • Radar Data
      • NEXRAD 3
      • Satellite composite imagery (NEXRCOMP)
    • Satellite Data
      • NOAA/GINI satellite imagery.
      • Experimental GOES-16 Data
      • Hi-Res Satellite imagery and derived products from the Unidata/Wisconsin Broadcast
    • Miscellaneous
      • Domestic and international text products. (watches, warnings, advisories, and forecasts)
      • Gridded USPLN lightning data
      • NOAA Flight Data/Wind Profiler Data
      • Soon: GLM Lightning GOES Data
    Purchase Today:

    * Promo expires 7/21/17
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