August 26, 2013 Thunderstorm - Fort Myers, Florida

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Feb 20, 2014
Fort Myers, FL
Just another summer afternoon in Southwest Florida when this storm decided to develop. It was more of a rainmaker than anything else.

This picture was taken facing east using the camera from my iPhone.
8-26-13 - Fort Myers, FL - Facing East.jpg

This picture was taken facing northeast towards Southwest Florida International Airport (RSW). Looks like there was some lowering of the clouds in the distance, but it was just a developing precipitation shaft. At the time the picture was taken, this looked more ominous in real life.
8-26-13 - Fort Myers, FL - Facing Northeast.jpg

Impressive looking shelf cloud! Of course, there wasn't much to see here except it got pretty breezy. The cool down was a welcome relief after a hot and humid summer day!
8-26-13 - Fort Myers, FL - Facing East - Shelf Cloud.jpg

Getting on the northbound I-75 on-ramp at Alico Road (Exit 128) to head up to my in-laws house in North Fort Myers.
8-26-13 - Fort Myers, FL - Facing East - Alico Road and I-75 - Shelf Cloud.jpg

Rain. That's it. Though, I did hear later on that there was some slight rotation detected on radar about 30 miles south-southeast of me in Naples, FL, but it was very shortlived.
8-26-13 - Fort Myers, FL - Facing North - I-75 - Precipitation Shaft In The Distance.jpg

If I didn't have anything else going on that day, I would've headed south to Naples to see what was going on down there. But, I was on a mission to help my in-laws move some stuff into their new house that day.

Enjoy the pics!

Happy Storm Chasing!

Jason M. Perretta | KD4HML
Fort Myers, FL