Artist creates beautiful oil paintings of clouds

One of my local news sources rehashed an AccuWeather piece on a Denver artist, Ian Fisher, who looks to the sky for inspiration. If you don't read the article, at least check out his website. He has some beautiful work.

"Abstract art is generally defined as art that does not attempt to represent an accurate depiction of a visual reality. Instead, abstract art explores colors and form to create images that have the ability to evoke intense emotion. Alternatively, hyperrealism seeks to reflect realistic scenes from daily life.
An artist based in Denver has managed to combine both realism and the abstract on a single canvas, and weather figures heavily into his work. That's because Ian Fisher's subject is clouds.
'I can paint something that looks like something but at the same time delve into abstraction in such a way where the content of the paintings with the clouds really allowed me to do that,' Fisher told AccuWeather. 'I was a fairly representational painter, painting things to look like other things. But I loved abstraction, I just didn't quite trust my own mark when it came to abstraction, so painting the sky kind of allowed me to keep a foot in both camps.'
Fisher says his eyes were always drawn to the skies of his landscape paintings. Eventually, he experienced his liberating epiphany.
'When you're looking at the painting, the sky was the most interesting part of it... And I just made that kind of conscious decision to eliminate everything but it.'”

Full story: The sky is the limit for painter who focuses on weather phenomena

Ian's website:
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Cool! Here's my psychedelic twist on the subject...after I read the arcticle, it inspired me to walk outside, take this quick iPhone grab of the cumulus this afternoon, then I brought it Into photoshop and 5 minutes later--Voila! I am calling it "Clouds Unwinding". Ill be offering it at my gallery for a mere $55,000, but for Stormtrack members only ill discount it down to $35,000. Exclusive edition... :)


James K

Mar 26, 2019
Those are pretty nice. :)

I painted clouds on the ceiling of a room after remodeling it.
(pretty basic/nothing fancy or storm-looking though)
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