Article: Inside the Weather Channel’s quest to reinvent storm chasing (September 10, 2019)

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Warren Faidley

May 7, 2006
Mos Isley Space Port
This has nothing to do with actual "storm chasing," something TWC has always failed at with horrible results. They never understood there are some people who do know more about storm chasing and survival than they do. Being an on-air meteorologist does not automatically qualify you as a storm chasing or storm survival expert. This attitude existed when I was involved with them and it has never changed. Their disgusting behavior after the fatal crash in Texas (as outlined in the civil complaint), is a prime example. Their failure to report on recent events involving storm chasing-related injuries is another example.

In addition, they still use footage of people doing stupid things near (or in) violent weather, which contrasts with the very messages they are trying to convey with their graphics. Telling people "not to do this," or "do that," while supporting irresponsible behavior and stupidity is completely hypocritical.
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