APRS still not working?

Feb 20, 2018
Temple, Texas
It's not so much flipping an on/off switch as it is trying to fix an issue where the underlying issue is not readily apparent. If you've seen some of the other threads on the issue, you'll note that John has been on the record as saying they don't know why it's not working, and have to this point been unable to find the underlying cause.

Placefiles can be put together that can limit SN icons shown on GRL3, so it can be set to only show the ones you want shown, as long as they're running their SN beacon via another means.

I don't believe anyone doubts that it hasn't been a difficult process the past few years and yes the threads have been followed (I started many of them ;)). I'm just happy that APRS>SN has shown signs of life recently.

Drew Terril

Staff member
That definitely wasn't directed at you, Mark. And even though I'm not involved on the SN side of things, I definitely appreciate you keeping tabs on when it is and isn't working.

I was making more of a general statement for the benefit of those who haven't been following the saga as closely as you and I have.