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Mike Marz

Mar 11, 2014
Minneapolis, Minnesota
I am very glad that ST isn't going anywhere and SMOK seems like an awesome guy for the job. Along with Skip's and other's input, I'm sure they will do great stuff with this place and I'm excited to see what the future brings. I haven't been around here too long, and don't really know Tim at all, but I also thank him for what he has done for this place, and hope that he sticks around.
Dec 4, 2003
Thanks all, I appreciate all the messages of support. The transition is underway; Steve and I have been communicating back and forth via e-mail today and he has been talking with the moderators in our administrative forum. There are already some interesting plans in the works right now.

I will not be disappearing once Steve takes over, as my interest in meteorology is still pretty much as alive as it ever was. Rather I will simply "retire" as a regular user or will stick around as a moderator or adviser depending on what kind of lineup Steve decides would be best for the site. Some of my difficulty in logging into the site has boiled down to the various problems (mailserver issues, error logs, checking over all the forums, etc) and difficulties on the home front and limited time, and for the most part it was easier to just defer logging into Stormtrack assuming I might be able to set aside time the next day to fully tend to everything in detail, and it became kind of a vicious cycle. Obviously I have been taking on more than I can handle heading into this past year. I am reassured Stormtrack is in good hands now, and now that the pressure is coming off, I feel that I can begin focusing on the content here. Storm chasing became exceptionally difficult for me by 2005 with a new family, but for me it's always really been more about the mesoanalysis and the tremendous challenge in the 3-9 h forecast puzzle than about good pics. With the Internet I'm always there for a storm day. Hopefully as we get into spring I will be able to really contribute again to Target Area in some way.

Again, I thank all of you for the comments, and I feel confident Stormtrack will really spring forward as the 2015 season approaches and perhaps be a major player once again like in our golden years 10 years ago.

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Mark Blue

Staff member
Feb 19, 2007
I would really like to see a re-energized Tim evolve out of this who posts interesting topics like he used to. That would be a win/win scenario for all of us. I think unleashing the ball and chain you've been dragging around will restore the Tim V we've come to know, love, and appreciate throughout the last several years. Thank again for all that you've done for us!
Mar 30, 2008
Norman, OK
Great news and glad to see Steve taking over. Would love to see the technology stay current with current trends of social media and mobile, which I think will drive people back to this site who have gone away.
Feb 27, 2004
Marion, AR
Congrats to Steve, and huge thanks to Tim, for all your efforts with this site over the past 18 years, as well as all the hard work and wealth of great resources you've provided through weathergraphics. Your time and dedication to ALL that you've given to us over the years is greatly appreciated by myself and I'm certainly glad you'll still be around to hang out here from time to time.

Feb 6, 2006
Kansas City, Missouri
Obviously, huge thanks to Tim. If it weren't for him, there would have been no online Stormtrack in the early 2000's there I probably wouldn't have gotten into chasing. And congrats to Steve. He definitely sounds like the guy for the task.
Jun 28, 2007
Machesney Park, IL
Congrats Steve, I hope you succeed in moving ST toward a better future! Thank you Tim for everything you’ve done, your hard work and efforts are appreciated and I’m glad to see you plan on continuing to participate in the future!

Bill Hark

Jan 13, 2004
Richmond Virginia
Steve, I am looking forward to your stewardship of Stormtrack along with Skip and everyone else who will be involved. Tim, thank you for all your hard work over these many years keeping Stormtrack operational.

Bill Hark
Thanks for all of your work over the years, Tim

Steve, congratulations on taking over the ship. Please make sure the site is backed up. There have been some spectacular web-site failures over the past few years where everything was lost. Would hate to see the archive of information from StormTrack lost.

Good luck with your endeavors.
Apr 16, 2004
Austin, Tx
Tim, as a friend, I for one will be sad to see you go as Admin/Owner. It is the end of an era, and you have held the reigns and protected the archives, and interest in our community. Thank you so much for taking on this task all these years, which I am sure has been difficult at times! I've always appreciated the StormTrack community and the storm chaser community and the two are much the same. While you will no longer be Admin/Owner it certainly is some consolation that you will remain a contributing chase community member, and I look forward to your contributions and zeal for severe weather meteorology as well as our social chaser community. May you prosper in your future endeavors!

Steve Miller (OK), welcome aboard as the new Admin/Owner! I'm looking forward to what StormTrack may become though your strengths, commitment, and energy in the future. I'm pretty sure you are a solid good choice to take over the reigns. Best of luck Steve, and enjoy playing around, planning, and growing the new StormTrack!
Apr 16, 2004
Austin, Tx
PS: It's pretty cool/funny to check out the StormTrack page of 1999. Brings back lots of memories. Checking it out... all the old whitepapers and documents many written by Tim Marshall, or Dave Hoadley, etc it makes me realize we don't really have a "Library" any more where any of us could submit a paper for inclusion do we? If not, it might be a good idea. Over all the years I know there have been contributions, but they were not necessarily put in a central location. This might be a good idea, and also creating a process for acceptance of any new contributions. Plus, I don't think we have a website that hosts these 'Articles'-> 'Documents' do we? A central repository / library for docs and things such as Chaser Faqs and How To's seems indispensable to me particularly for those learning the ropes.
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Jul 5, 2009
Newtown, Pennsylvania
Stormtrack Friends,

I have to say I am somewhat embarrassed about my lack of participation in the entire "Future of ST" discussion. I have been a chaser since 1996, was a member of ST before that "reset" that was done a few years ago, joined again after that, and have become a more frequent poster just in the last couple years. As such, I feel I was obligated to contribute to that thread, but did not. Why? Well first, I hadn't been on ST for a few months. After all, it's the off-season, and December is a very busy time for me professionally (CPA, dealing with the upcoming year-end), plus the holidays and all. This year was even worse as my CPA firm was undergoing a merger and I was swamped with all that stuff (still am). When I finally checked in in early January (and actually posted in a few other threads), I literally did not even notice the thread going on. The reason was that it was in Announcements. I mostly interact with ST using Tapatalk on my iPad, and when I login I see the broad categories of (if I remember correctly, can't look back at it now without losing what I am typing) News, Weather and Misc. I always go right to Weather and then into Introductory Chasing and Advanced Chasing (at this time of year I don't even bother with Target Area!)

Just wanted to apologize to the community for not participating. It certainly was not as if I was reading it and just not chiming in. Not that anyone probably even noticed or wondered why I wasn't posting :)

I did read through the entire thread. I am very happy ST is continuing. Facebook and other social media is a stream of stuff mixed together that has no organization or curation. No way it could ever be a substitute for ST. We need this to be a place not only for interaction but as a rich database for historical events and scientific reference. Some people specifically commented about wanting the ability to use mobile devices and that made social media more appealing. Try using Tapatalk, I use it for ST and other forums on both my iPad and iPhone. Also remember that "social media" is really just a catch-all term for interacting online with a community - FB, Twitter, etc. are just tools, and so is the forum format - i.e., this is social media too! We can always enhance the tool/application to meet our needs.

Sorry, not trying to rehash the discussion! I lost my opportunity to comment! So I will shut up and just thank Tim for his work on ST all these years and for being a good shepherd of the brand and the community. And a big welcome and best wishes to Steve Miller.

Communities evolve, and things ebb and flow. There could certainly be a revival and resurgence of ST, whether it ever again includes the original veterans or not.

Jim Caruso

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