Analyzing the Syracuse, KS Tornadic Supercell 7-15-16

Dan Ross

Jan 8, 2016
Fort Collins, CO
One thing that has been greatly beneficial to me as a chaser is creating diagrams from my photos/videos after the chase. Recently I’ve read more into arching vortex lines like those described in “The structure and evolution of vortex lines in supercell thunderstorms” (Markowski/Richardson). This time lapse video of the Syracuse, KS supercell prior to tornado formation seems to depict the counter-rotating vortices one would expect to see straddling the RFD gust front. My view is looking NNE. Also the sinking motion where the RFD is crashing to the ground and surging forward was very impressive (even in real time)! Then you have inflow streaming in from the east and rising into the updraft. All the motion in/under the base of this storm was mesmerizing. Anyway I was so excited about it I’m like a kindergartner at show & tell, but also curious about any comments/opinions. Such a cool storm!