Amature Storm Chaser Budget Chase Vehicle 2021 Edition

Feb 19, 2018
Dunlap Illinois
So there being probably less than a month before storm season really starts to blow up, I need to get my ass in gear with this Burb.
It has been the best winter vehicle I have ever owned, but it still needs some work to be ready for chasing.
Shit That Still Needs To Be Done:
- Front End Alignment.
- Torsion Bar Adjustment (Bring it back to stock before the plow was installed).
- Fix Rear Transfer Case Seal Leak
(Better now then at the side of the road like last year).
- Charge A/C (It worked when I got the truck, but not anymore).
- Fuel Pump/Sender (The gas gauge reads a bit wonky, and it's better to replace it before the pump eventually fails).
- Fix Cruise Control (Would be nice).
- Replace Oxygen Sensor/Cat Delete/Flowmaster/Duals.
- Oil Change (Its due for one).
- Maybe Tires (Though they are from the junkyard and a bit low on tread, I could probably get another year out of them).
- Install CB/Antenna.
- Install Camera Mount.
- Install Inverter/Mobile Broadband Modem.
- Market Lights (For when we're pulled over at the side of the road).
Anyways, I'm about to get my tax refund/stimulus check, so it's all going into this truck.
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Feb 19, 2018
Dunlap Illinois
The Burb is almost ready to go, I just got one problem, my chase partner bailed on my, and I'd prefer not to go alone.
So if there is anyone around the Peoria area who wants to go chasing with/alongside me, just tell me.