Allsup's Burritos and other classics to stay after Yesway acquires iconic convenience store chain

Jan 14, 2011
St. Louis
ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Yesway announced Tuesday that is has entered into an agreement to purchase Allsup’s Convenience Stores.

From the press release:

We look forward to building on Allsup’s legendary heritage and continuing to offer many of the amazing products and services Allsup’s customers are so passionate about, including – without question – the world-famous Allsup’s Burrito.
Link to the press release:

Lonnie Allsup, the founder of the original chain, died in January 2018.
Back when I lived in the Midwest, I had never had an Allsup's burrito, but was fascinated by all the chaser jokes about them. So of course when we retired to the Southwest, one of the first things I had to try was an Allsup's burrito. Instantly hooked on them, and 10 years later I am still alive and kicking at 70, so how bad for you can they really be? This new outfit had better not mess with my burritos, LOL!