Alec Baldwin to Star in 'Supercell' Action Pic

Randy Jennings

May 18, 2013
interpreted the death of Bill Brody Sr. as alluding to the death of Tim Samaras and the TWISTEX crew in 2013
You interpreted this correctly. At the Q&A after the premier James Langford commented on this and thanked Director Jamie Winterstern on his tasteful nod to Samaras and Jamie thanked him for noticing that. I am amazed by how much effort Jamie put into learning about chasing and the chasing community. In just a couple years he learned a lot and he picked up on a lot of the nuances that many new chasers these days never seem to pick up on. He still chases even though the movie is done.

A few other interesting things about this movie: the story the Roy Cameron charter tells about the check on the dining room being the only thing that survives a tornado is a story that a clerk at a gas station in Shamrock told Jamie when he was chasing in real life. Another fun fact - the name "Brody" is an easter egg. It is a nod to Spielberg. Police Chief Martin Brody is the fictional character and the protagonist in Jaws.

John Archer

Mar 10, 2023
Sheboygan, WI
I was hoping to see this on the big screen (despite the fact that the breakdown of civil society invariably results in idiots in the row behind me inconsiderately talking throughout the entire movie like they are in their own living rooms - but I digress…)

However, it is not playing in the theater near me, and I don’t think Philadelphia is a release location. I plan to watch it on Amazon Prime tomorrow, due to other commitments today…

Here‘s a review I found: Supercell (2023) - Movie Review

This line from the review has me even more excited to see it: “…sluggish patches are far too didactic about storm chasing; it’s akin to being in a science class.” Fantastic! As long as even half-accurate, those may turn out to be my favorite parts! It’s also a way to share storm chasing with family members that have never done it.

Really can’t understand anyone that says they won’t see it. If you truly love storms and storm chasing, how can you not want to see a movie that has storm chasing as its main theme??? There simply aren’t too many of them, so how could you not be interested to see how it is portrayed, to see this fringe hobby of ours highlighted in a movie??? It’s like a boxer refusing to watch a Rocky movie, or a martial artist refusing to watch The Karate Kid. Your loss, you’re only spiting yourself by being such a purist.
Well, the trailer made it look pretty crappy. I’m assuming it’s better.
The trailer lost me at “You’re welcome”.