Advanced Satellite Data? (GOES Derived Products, NUCAPS, GLM, etc.)

Caleb O.

Jul 13, 2020
Duvall, WA
Hey guys, I recently took a number of short MetEd courses on the applications of GOES/JPSS satellite products such as the GLM, NUCAPS, Derived Motion Winds and other such derived products and advanced imagery data for analyzing severe storms and atmospheric environments. I've done some poking around on the internet for sites that provide these products, but as of yet I have not found a website that offers the full suite of derived products from the GOES. I've used the standard GOES Satellite Imagery Viewer webpage for a while now in addition to The College of Dupage's NexLab webpage, which offers the most products of any site I've been able to find so far, but it lacks several derived products (most notably Derived Motion Winds and NUCAPS) as well as lacking a few GLM products (especially as the FED product has not been rendering for me on the webpage recently for whatever reason). I did come across the SSEC's RealEarth webpage, but it's very clunky and hard to run and I would prefer to use another option if one is available.

TL : DR, I'm looking for websites or programs which provide access to Advanced Satellite Data and I'm curious as to what your thoughts/suggestions are.

Thanks in advance for any help!