A High School Amateur's Storm Chase Vehicle

Feb 19, 2018
Dunlap Illinois
You know what, the yellow truck might not be the best vehicle for the situation. I have listended to your sugguestions, and I think I could build something less deadly.

After replacing the TPS sensor on the 'burban, the trans is shifting as smooth as it ever did, so I am going to sell it.

"Why would you sell it?" you may ask.

Well, I just bought another truck that is absolutely perfect for the job.

My neighbors '88 C1500 Silverado, he's had it for 20 years, and finally decided to get rid of it.
It has about 100,000 less miles on it than the 'burb.

I got it for scrap price and it even has newer tires on it.

It has a few issues like the rust (I'll fix that right up).
It also needs a bit of a tune up.

The biggest issue by far, though, is the transmission (3rd/4th are cooked).
I might pull the trans apart and replace the clutches for about $50, but it would be easier to drop $250 for another used TH700R4.
The guy used it as his farm truck and drove it 5 years like that.

Hell the A/C still even works.
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Feb 19, 2018
Dunlap Illinois
I would probably screw it up.

Automatic Transmissions are amazingly complicated.
They are one of those things that people pretend they understand through science, but is really magic.

Also replaceing 3rd/4th doesn't require a full disassembly, you just have to pull the front pump off in order to get to it.