A bit of snow in Los Angeles, and suddenly it's #snowmaggedon

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May 18, 2013
Several places that rarely see snow got at least trace amounts yesterday including metro LA area, Las Vegas, and Tuscon. Lots of stories online, here are a couple:


For what it's worth - it didn't snow in downtown LA, and NWS says measurable snow hasn't fallen in downtown Los Angeles since 1949, and Thursday's sightings weren't likely to change that.

In Las Vegas it snowed twice in the last week and some areas had over an inch. The pictures are pretty cool of the Las Vegas landmarks and the snow. I haven't been able to confirm, but one report said it had been over a decade since they had measurable snow in Las Vegas.

NWS Las Vegas has a writeup about the eaelier (2/17-18/19) event: https://www.weather.gov/vef/snow_reports_LVFeb17
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