4/10/04 REPORTS: TX & other

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Dan Robinson

Tower lightningfest in Raleigh, NC

I took a weekend trip to visit my brother and grandmother in Raleigh, NC and had an opportunity to go on a short chase today with my brother, Matt. The WxWorx system worked great, and we saw that a small active storm was heading toward the trio of huge television towers in Garner, just southeast of Raleigh. My brother and I teamed up on the storm, each operating a video camera. The lightning cooperated, repeatedly striking the towers 2 and 3 at a time. With this setup, we were able to get some simultaneous zoom/wide shots of the same bolts hitting the towers.

Here is a quick Windows Media video:


Frame grabs:


The tip of the antenna glows after one hit:

A very enjoyable chase today!