4/03/04 NOW: SW Texas SE NM

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Jan 18, 2004
DeKalb, IL
Great video ... you sure that is not Summit County, CO? :lol:

And western Gaines Co. is still getting nailed as of 3Z!

Edit: Gaines County has been under a tornado warning for nearly 5 hours!

04 April 2004 Gaines County, TX, Tornado Warnings:
1) 333 PM CST SAT APR 3 2004 UNTIL 430 PM CST
2) 430 PM CST SAT APR 3 2004 UNTIL 530 PM CST
3) 530 PM CST SAT APR 3 2004 UNTIL 630 PM CST
4) 631 PM CST SAT APR 3 2004 UNTIL 730 PM CST
5) 730 PM CST SAT APR 3 2004 UNTIL 830 PM CST
6) 830 PM CST SAT APR 3 2004 UNTIL 930 PM CST

Dec 18, 2003
Lubbock, TX
I'll try to post some stills from the video in the reports thread for today (do we have one yet?) here in a little while. I will tell you, being out there under that stuff in Gaines County, I am not biting on any tornado reports unless I see a pic or video of it. If there was a time when I thought it might, it was about the time it was taking that massive hail dump in the western part of Gaines County. Otherwise, structure lacked severely, storms were high based, and I know of at least twice I was very near a spotter that reported ragged non-rotating scud as funnels. :shock: Anyway, I will save all that for the reports thread.