3/30/04: FCST: MI / OH / IN / MS / TN / AL / KY

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Feb 8, 2004
Detroit, MI
SPC just issued a mesoscale discussion for IN-OH-MI for the potential for large hail... SPC mesoanalysis shows decent MUCAPE north of the front (>1000j/kg) -- with a good >50kts of deep-layer shear.


Joe Smith

Had pea size hail at Lafayette, Indiana at 12:30 ET today. Don't think this area will see anything larger than that with this upper level low.
Originally posted by nickgrillo
N. Indiana had a 0.75 inch hail event earlier this afternoon. My question is why wasn't a severe thunderstorm warning issued on it?
It all depends on when the event was reported - whether the storm had weakened by the time the NWS received the report. The NWS radar algorithms may not have cought the hail either, if the hail/precipitation core was very small. Hope that helps some...