3/27/04 REPORTS

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Feb 19, 2004
Oklahoma City
My day started out in Snyder as promised. I started late and had to jet north quickly as I got out of the low-cloud crap and got a great view of the Supercell to my north (The first south one). I missed a good view of the Custer City tornado as I was just getting to the storm at the time and I was in Custer City, I drove through the huge line of chasers and found a nice spot to pull off and got the Thomas tornado from start to finish (at the time it looked to be a funnel cloud located in a weird spot in the storm). I got about 20 mins of the second storm from a high hill southwest of Geary. Full report and pics are posted at:

[Broken External Image]:http://www.maddenmania.net/images/chase/032704/15.jpg

[Broken External Image]:http://www.maddenmania.net/images/chase/032704/30.jpg

Feb 26, 2004
I missed most of the good action by not getting out in time but I can't complain. It was still a good day.
I stayed north as everyone else was south. The storm in Woodward County moving into Woods County still tried. Last Funnel around 3:57 over Dacoma and Carmen area.

Went South for awhile after that then wandered my way back to Tulsa

No good funnel pic's but it was still a great way to spend a saturday in March and still got to catch some of the OSU game on the way home.


[Broken External Image]:http://bamlock.web.aplus.net/sitebuildercontent/sitebuilderpictures/.pond/img0175.jpg.w560h420.jpg
Dec 30, 2003
Oklahoma City
This was the ideal tornado day in Oklahoma in that the tornadoes did little or no damage and caused no injuries or death. In that regard it was as good as it gets. Kansas wasn't as fortunate in the tornado near Kinsley earlier in the day. The only real down side that I noticed was the large number of chasers and spectators in some areas which I'm sure can be attributed to it being a Saturday close to OKC.

I focused on the north storm and managed to see the Butler tornado at about 2:59 from a vantage point 7 miles west of Clinton on Highway 73. Due to the lack of contrast between it and the dark background plus the distance it was very hard to see and by the time I got my camera aimed it was already starting to dissipate. Until I read accounts and saw photos here I believed it was only a funnel.

Overall I rate this as a good chase and look forward to more as the season progresses and my schedule permits.
Feb 20, 2004
Windsor, Ontario
Originally posted by Shane Adams
Just found out that a local OKC news chaser videoed our possible tornado near Thomas from another angle and has a debris cloud under the funnel, so yesterday's tally is now officially 4 tornadoes for us. Strongly suspected, but didn't have visual proof from our viewpoint.

Here's my \"official\" tornado data from yesterday:

3:03 - 3:04pm 5 W Arapaho
3:34 - 3:36pm 4 N Custer City
3:57 - 4:00pm Thomas
6:58pm 3 NW Concho
Cool! Then that brings my confirmed total up to 2. I saw that one from a ways away, but couldn't get a picture cause the contrast was poor.

Dorian J. Burnette

Greetings all,

This is my first post to the forum! I am proud to be a member of this great group. 8)

It sounds like David Schuttler and I were on the same storm. I sat on Highway 45 west of Carmen, and took video of two funnels. It looked to me that both funnels could have been very weak tornadoes, but I was too far away to deduce the state of the ground. I will be very interested to hear if anyone else was closer than I was and able to determine whether or not weak circulation made it all the way to the ground.

My complete chase account is posted here: http://www.djburnette.com/chasing/2004/27m...ch/27march.html

Brief: Three tornadoes near Arapaho/Okarche, OK (was only counting one originally until I conversed with other chasers in the same area), spectacular March structure, and (for me) the ideal chase weekend!

Video Stills: http://www.mammatus.com/3272004/

Main Summary... note... Lengthy!

Following an excellent series of presentations at the Iowa NWA severe storms and doppler radar conference in Des Moines on Thursday, March 26 and Friday, March 27; Keith Brown, Tony Laubach, Tim Samaras, Carl Young, and myself skipped out on the final day (Saturday) of the conference to chase south into Western Oklahoma. Tim was kind enough to share his portable WiFi setup on his laptop at lunch, to which a group of us began favoring the Clinton, OK area. Elapsing past the extremely interesting presentation on "The Blob" by Dr. Eric Rassmussen, Keith and I debated whether or not to wait for the 00Z ETA. Allowing a thin piece of silver to dictate departure, we flipped a quarter. President Washington suggested staying around for the 00Z runs, however we disregarded our former leader and began to pack up.

Tim and Carl departed DSM around 9pm CT, while Keith and I became distracted by pre-chase chit chatter and a crash course in ebonics by Mr. Kiesling. A 45 minute wx. data powwow ensued with Jon Davies, The Twister Sisters (Mel and Peg), Doug Kiesling, and a slurry of St. Cloud State MET students before Keith, Tony, and I packed our vehicles and bid our farewells.

Making our way south to Wichita (ITC) for the night, we arrived at the Park City, KS Super 8 motel at 4:10am CT... checked in, briefly looked at the DY1, and quickly zonked out into chaser dreamland. Four hours elapsed before we were back in front of Tony's laptop with TWC blaring moderately. Tim and Carl hit the road (once again) an hour before we did, alas, Keith, Tony and I didn't depart ITC until around 11am. Neither of us were thrilled at the surface obs, however held some hope for clearing across SW OK by 21/22Z. Left ITC after accidentally driving the wrong way on 135 (north instead of south - whoops), and drove south on I35 through stratocrap grunge. Target still holding at Clinton.

Tones and TOR box issued until 6pm CT for our target region upon arriving at Ponca City around 1:30pm CT. Clearing noted as we continued towards OKC. Unaware of the northern storms (no mobile data aside from NOAA WXR and local TV) until we were at Edmond, we shot W on I40 towards a developing supercell near Elk City. Making good time westbound, Keith and I (in my vehicle) and Tony aka "Dr. WXNERD" (in his own car) arrived at Clinton just as a TOR warning was issued for Custer Co at 3:52pm CT. Headed north on HW183, a thin rope tornado rapidly developed (3:58pm CT) six miles (or so) to our NW immediately upon clearing Clinton. Tony relayed this report to OUN, and we proceeded N. Tripoded north of Arapaho on 183, watched slow rotating rain curtains under the meso before continuing north. East on HW33, a chaser circus ensued (as expected on a weekend in OK) as we pursued the meso northeast. The storm attempted a few more spinups, and yet another brief tornado N of Custer City. Sirens sounded upon entering Thomas, yet our attention became drawn to a new cell SW of Weatherford.

Dropped south on 54, skirting the core of the Weatherford supercell. We lost Tony briefly in the madness of the masses, and came upon a gorgeous meso at Weatherford. Passsing numerous OU folks standing in awe and being beamed with small hail, we pulled off 54 and tripoded. Meso was nearly overhead as a concerning area of rotation kicked up at cloud base. Dropped S then E on several unmarked dirt roads. Twisting east to south to north to east, we arrived back to I-40 near Hydro... meeting back up with Dr. WXNERD along with Tim and Carl. Headed east and followed this meso northeast towards Okarche. Once again, exhibiting the *greatest* structure I've encountered in March to date, we navigated more unmarked dirt roads west of HW3, eventually pulling off at a high point to capture the structure before nightfall.

Perfect timing allowed for tripoded documentation of the twin funnel clouds (from what I've read, these were indeed tornadoes) so... will call this [or these] a tornado(es). The funnels/tornado lasted for about a minute before dissipating. Hungry, exhausted, and darkness blanketing the landscape we called off the chase and headed to OKC for dinner at Chilis. Lured Tim and Carl down after they became bamboozled by food establishments (or lack there of) in Guthrie. Shared video, laughs, and post-convective conversation over burgers and Dr. Pepper (excluding Keith's margurita(s).... a perfect conclusion to the day!

I'd like to thank my chase partners, Keith Brown and Tony Laubach, for the great company and the excellent job navagating/phoning in reports to OUN/911. Tim Samaras, Karl Young, and Mel Metz whom provided several nowcasts (unfortunately my Nextel service is non-exsistant W of OKC!). To Paul Ritter and all the OU folks I bumped into on the road... and of course, fellow Midwesterner Amos Magliocco... great to formally meet you while under the meso!

Grabbed some video stills from the 27-March-2004 OK chase and placed them on my server:



Blake W. Naftel - KC8VPG
Mar 2, 2004
Wichita, KS
March Madness - March 27 Overview

Wow! What a day! I won't post the lengthy report here, as I have posted the majority of typing stuff (more photos and stills coming) on my site. The link to that is below..


A few images to preview everything..

[Broken External Image]:http://www.tornadoeskick.com/images/040327g.jpg

[Broken External Image]:http://www.tornadoeskick.com/images/040327h.jpg

[Broken External Image]:http://www.tornadoeskick.com/images/040327l.jpg

Kudos and thanks to a great many people! Blake and Keith for allowing me my first opportunity to chase in caravan with someone! I had a terrific time and hope to enjoy the experience with you guys again! 8) To Tim and Carl for the prechase colaboration and the good laughs at dinner later that night :lol: . Jerry Clemmons and James Carnegie for their excellent nowcasting in the early afternoon hours! Amos, great to see you in the field 8) ! Thanks for taking the photo of me holding the littered beer can! That oughta be good! It was an excellent day full of firsts, great stories, and awesome sights. An excellent start to the 2004 Chase Season!
Dec 11, 2003
Shelton, CT
Saturday's supercells had some absolutely amazing hp structure. Here's a video still of the second supercell we were on near the Weatherford area on I-40. Look at that beaver's tail!!


More video stills are on the website, link below-still being added to.


Unfortunately, we have not been able to get video clips online yet, and our photos have not been developed just yet.


I have put my pics on my website. Just click on 'Chase Photos' on the menu bar. Sorry, it loads kinda slow, I need to change my page format. What a great day, I really enjoyed this one. It was the first time I chased with my Ham license, I was calling in reports to SKYWARN and OUN all day. I only wish one of the two south storms would have produced a large tornado.



Jason A.C. Brock

yup these babies had the GOODS! A little "storm porn" no dobt :p. Oh not sure if my link was working earlier so here it is again

Also does anyone know who Charles J. Ishere is? Whomever it is sent me a somewhat disturbing email from this forum & I still am not exactly sure what it means. Something about killing baby crying rabbits or something. :p
March 26 - LP Supercell + March 27 stills link

Seasons (chase) Greetings Everyone,

I just finished a complete update of my website front page.


I added 14 stills from my latest storm catches.
March 26 - Beautiful LP Supercell near Boise City, OK .

Also check out how my "day at the office" went on March 27th in OK--hint it was ok despite some frustration.

Congrats to everyone who was able to get out and enjoy the show last weekend.

Dean Cosgrove
Dec 18, 2003
Lubbock, TX
OK, I finally got my chase pics and report up. There are a couple in there from Graham Butler too. Here are a few teasers:

[Broken External Image]:http://wx5tvs.com/chasephotos/2004/2004pics/032704WesternOK/032704grahams 1.jpg

[Broken External Image]:http://wx5tvs.com/chasephotos/2004/2004pics/032704WesternOK/032704firststorm 50.jpg

[Broken External Image]:http://wx5tvs.com/chasephotos/2004/2004pics/032704WesternOK/032704firststorm 60.jpg

[Broken External Image]:http://wx5tvs.com/chasephotos/2004/2004pics/032704WesternOK/032704firststorm 12.jpg

The entire count of the day and tons of pics can be found at:

Woodward County tornado?

I was on the Woodward county storm after the tornado west of Cici. I got video of a funnel and a possible tornado about two miles north of Cedardale. There were two cells and I was on the lead one about 3 miles east of the possible tornado. I couldn't see if the circulation made it all the way to the ground, I think it did but there was a hill and trees blocking my view. I was wondering if anyone had a better view. If so, what did you see? I also was fortunate enough to see two more funnels later after the two cells had merged back together. Did not see any other chasers on the storm, although there were a lot of locals out for a look.