2022 chase partner thread

Aug 19, 2005
Atlanta, GA
OK, my regular partners have various reasons they mostly cannot chase so I am looking for someone whose only main contribution would be driving (you drive in storm areas I will share otherwise) and splitting gas and motels. I am a former lead forecaster at the Weather Channel have been chasing since 1990 and have seen at least a few hundred tornadoes and innumerable supercells. My main passion is photography, if you are looking for an "EXTREME CHASER" type that wants to get pounded by hail and be yards from the tornado I am not a good partner for you. Also, I enjoy other scenic areas and good beer. I am based in the Atlanta area and would be willing to drive and pick you up if it is between here and Chase Alley. Every day between now and June 3 is open for me. Please email me at cheeznado@gmail.com if interested. Visit my Facebook page Log into Facebook for examples of what I have seen plus other photos.
Who wants to chase?. Here"s my current situation, I am a well know chaser from the early 2000's. Anyway I would like to chase but this is an unusual year. I bought a new car so I don't want to use it for obvious reasons I usually rent a car. None are available. If you happen to be lucky and find one be prepared for sticker shock. Extreme rental prices 5 times the normal rate is not unusually. With all these obstacles in they way this is what I will do. If anyone has extra room and wants to chase I will pick up the full costs for gas. Any car I get into my insurance covers 100% of hail damage should the unfortunate happen . I do have the Sky-warn link system along with EMS 2 way comm plus GRlevel3 radar that I can bring and plug in. In the old days us meteorology students use to meet up and carpool. Being out from OU and not knowing many in the current program,a lot of my friends are working at various NWS out of state so it's on a rare occasion that I get to chase with them. Always looking to meet potential new friends anyways. Live in Norman in the area of the NWC. So if anyone would like to connect and chat about this please pm me.
Norman OK

Jason Wood

May 25, 2021
Denver, CO
Hey, fellow chasers. I am based in Denver, CO. After getting home from a great chase in Kansas last Friday, a drunk driver plowed into my Jeep while it was parked outside my house. It's now totaled, so I've been busy dealing with police reports and insurance companies. Anyway, I suddenly find myself without a ride at the best time of the year. If there are any other chasers in the area who happen to have an open seat in their car, feel free to email me at jasonwilliamwood@gmail.com. I'd be more than willing to pay for gas and expenses. I'm far from an extreme chaser, just a guy who grew up watching TWC and loves a good storm. I'd like to think I'm a good passenger, but now this is turning into a dating profile entry lol.