2021-03-13 EVENT: TX/OK/KS

Warren Faidley

May 7, 2006
Mos Isley Space Port
In today's chase environment, people are not going to stop getting too close. We are due for more deaths. The thing that continues to bug me are the men and women emergency response personnel (mostly volunteers) who will respond to assist the nincompoops -- not differentiating between clowns and legitimate victims. Volunteer first responders and LEO's are generally not weather experts, and they will respond through some very risky weather to assist. I've seen them drive through some really scary radar signatures, or assist at scenes where secondary cells pose a serious threat.

Jason N

Mar 2, 2021
South Carolina
I've noticed this change in many chasers mentalities who I've met over the years, and it started happening mainly after TWC and Discovery, (what 10-15yrs ago?), had used their programming to idealize chasing. Presented with the premise of safety, advanced warning, saving people, and understanding the science, it turned into this huge mess of click bait and amping people up for viewership. I've heard some people blame Reed Timmer in part for this. As I understand it, Reed is well degreed and experienced but just watching his videos you can see that sometimes it just appears to be scripted over excitement? I don't honestly know, and as I do not really know him or if there is any truth to that, or him for that matter, so I won't name call, that's not who I am. However, there does seem to be a point where the cable hype probably started creating monsters. The unfortunate part is, there is really good science and reporting happening out there, and there are a lot of it from well trained and experienced chasers who fundamentally are trying to help along the science or document, or just simply enjoy the show from a far, the issue is, it's intermixed with You tube hustlers out for some quick money or thrill and you cant legislate stupidity.

The truth is, there is an awe inspiring art and power that is attractive to chasing , but its only one functional element to the entire meteorological research, operational and private community that have done a lot of really hard work over 40yrs to advance causes and understanding in order to help the community at large. Suddenly, in what feels like overnight, TV shows, Phone Apps, and chasing websites delivering nowcasts, readily available radar imagery where someone can say.. "just look for the hook, or look for the strong change in colors". You don't HAVE to have any training at all really. an untrained person can go look at SPC Day1, drive under the red or orange, turn on radarscope, "Bam" I'm a chaser now!, simple right? lol - no intelligence required .. and the people who do that will "feel" they are just as knowledgeable as anyone with a degree or lots of real world experience. in lies the real danger and its not leveling a healthy respect to it.

So, to me, there is a disassociation to it and as was mentioned earlier, and I agree, I think there is a segment of folks out there that just don't care. There does seem to be a Badge of honor piece to it, or bravado. Does making a video of me getting smashed along with OU hat secure me a well paying job? boosts my Monetized YouTube channel? probably so. I know one thing for me is assured. Any day that I am out there and it turns out to be a one or two discrete cell Chase with the Hoard in tow? I am backing off and taking structure shots or using a longer lense. It's not worth the price of admission. I'll wait til the geographic coverage is large, and I have more to choose from. I already did that a few times in 2019. but I did get stuck in Mangum, and to no surprise, the hoard converged and there was an accident there.
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Dean Baron

Sep 25, 2006
Minneapolis, MN
Just sharing a couple of velocity screenshots from Amarillo's radar for future reference of the event. The first one I believe is when the wedge was happening near Happy, TX. The second shows two tight couplets (and I believe I saw video that verified there were 2 tornadoes ongoing at this point). One couplet I believe is the wedge occluding and the other is a new tornado.