2020-06-05 REPORTS: WY

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Finally getting around to posting this day. Was out with son, my bother and his daughter. We were in the area for the next day in SD, so while in town we decided to do a little sight seeing at Mt. Rushmore, knowing there was a small chance for some storms, I mean small. Look at the SPC lookout! I think that's the smallest risk area I have ever seen for any setup! LOL. Around 3pm, we finished up lunch at Rushmore and saw a little tiny cell pop way west of us and since we had nothing else going on, we made our way though the windy, beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota. We made our way west of the hills and just found a dirt road and sat there for about 2 hours as the cell slowly came towards us, and next thing we knew the cell became severe warned so we inched towards it, enjoying a massive anvil, and a cool lookin low base. We continued to intercept it coming from the North around Lusk, as as we came out of the hail core, I was amazed to see this INCREDIBLE Meso, Double HailBow and some golfballs! It was so beautiful! These are all iPhone 11 shots. Love the wide angle lens on that phone! One of the more stunning scenes from all my years of chasing! That Meso!!! day1otlk_20200606_0100_prt.gif
Anvil Clouds.jpg IMG_2244.PNG IMG_2254.jpeg WY Hail Meso Rainbow2.jpeg