Hey all fellow storm spotters, chasers and meteorologists!

Malcolm here from Majestic Skies. I'm a self taught storm chaser, amateur meteorologist and photographer that's been chasing severe weather across the US and Canada solo for over 3 years. I absolutely love the thrill and adventure of experiencing the power of mother nature. This years going to be a big year for me as I've decided to leave my job for the storm season and I'll be chasing from the start of May to towards the end of July.

With that said as most of you probably know chasing solo can be a big undertaking and I'm looking to network and find other adventurers to collaborate with! I have a very ambitious goal to put together an amateur documentary film about severe weather this year. I suppose that all depends how active this season ends up being though. Either way I'll be live-streaming most of my big chases and focused on creating quality content and making weather reports as always. I have pretty much all the equipment and gear I need so I'm mostly looking for people willing to hop into my SUV and help with forecasting, navigating and capturing video/photos. And of course splitting some hotel bills and gas costs would be amazing as well. 😂

My chase Vehicle:
2010 Ford Escape 4X4 V6 with a custom hail shield

My camera equipment:
Sony A7 III
and way more lenses than I care to admit 😂

Yi 4k action cameras
Misphere 360 degree camera

DJI phantom 4 Drone

For anyone that's interested in this opportunity check out my youtube channel to see some of my work and don't hesitate to get into contact with me!

My youtube channel:
Aug 19, 2005
Atlanta, GA
I am a former lead Meteorologist at the Weather Channel and have been storm chasing every year since 1990. However I no longer have a reliable chase partner and have made the decision to not chase solo due to safety concerns. I live in Atlanta, GA and am retired so am totally flexible when it comes to where/when to chase but I do prefer the High Plains later in the season. The ideal person would be willing to drive during "chase mode", and share expenses such as motels and gas. We could meet in Atlanta or I could drive to a place between here and the Plains and pick you up. During "down" times I like to go to scenic areas such as national parks to hike and take photographs. Please email me at cheeznado@gmail.com for more details.

Steve C.

Apr 21, 2019
I’m from Louisiana got my storm spotter certificates I’m new at this I’ve always wanted to storm chase and looking for someone or a team to go with learn and be apart of a team if anyone interested please let me know thanks.

Andrew Woody

Jul 11, 2019
Lebanon Tn
I’m from Louisiana got my storm spotter certificates I’m new at this I’ve always wanted to storm chase and looking for someone or a team to go with learn and be apart of a team if anyone interested please let me know thanks.
Hey guys i live in tennessee and next year during may me and my brother are wanting to take a trip out there for 8 days to observe and witness some awesome storms we looked into some tours but we personally cant afford that much and looked into some individuals but seemed a little pricey we talked about going solo but i was told to check here first a little about myself im spotter certified and starting weather forecasting on aug 8 2019 at penn state and been a spotter for 5 years....ive always had a weather addiction but just now able in my life to pursue it....my brother is just an enthusiast that has always wanted to go and do some spotting and witnessing so if anyone would like to help us out with our first season out there that would be amazing ive been doing alot of research on radar and watching plenty of videos but like anything else videos usually arent the best when it comes going into field anyway if anybody wants to help or know anyone that would be a good fit comment or pm and we can talk pricing thank you for looking and look forward to hearing from someone soon
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Chad McDonald

Jul 9, 2019
Oklahoma City
Hey there! I work at ski resorts in the winter the last few years and we get an “offseason” every spring. Usually April 15ish thru middle of June. I usually travel around during the offseason and spend everything I made lol. This coming spring (2020) I’ll be purchasing probably a Jeep Patriot (affordable and 4 wheel drive) and hitting the Great Plains (thinking of starting near OKC, but that could always change)for 2 months pretty much straight. This might be my last chance to do a multi-month trip like this so I’m taking full advantage. It would be awesome to make friends out there, whether it be a team on the storm, or pre or post storm meet ups to discuss. I thought about getting an extended stay somewhere or just living on the road. I expect to be driving pretty much constantly so might be leaning towards the latter of the two. Anyways, if anyone is interested I have no agenda from April through June.

Literally losing sleep over the excitement.