2019-6-24 EVENT: WV

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Jan 14, 2011
St. Louis
Posting this as a follow up/correction to the REPORTS thread for this day. After reviewing the NWS survey, radar data and maps, it turns out I did NOT see a tornado in WV on the 24th. The feature in my photos was well east of the NWS tornado track. It appeared to be located at a FFD/RFD apex at first, but likely was just a kink in the broader RFD gust front. The feature lines up with the NWS-mapped straight-line RFD wind swath, and is consistent with damage I saw on Charleston's east side.



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Jul 5, 2009
Newtown, Pennsylvania
Man some chasers get all the luck... Here you are just happening through an area that rarely gets supercells or any visible storm structure and you get this, while I’m still licking my wounds from a failed Plains chase vacation and not expecting to see anything nearly as interesting for the next 10 months LOL. That is quite a serendipitous event for you Dan!!! Was actually just in Charleston for business the week before my Plains trip so I do have some connection to the area and “sense of place”. Our audit firm is based there, just reached out to our CPA firm partner to see what he experienced that day...

I know this post may not meet the “Event” rules, but it’s a one-off rarity in WV, not like there’s a ton of activity on this thread so hopefully it’s OK.