2019-07-23 EVENT: MA

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Jul 5, 2009
Newtown, Pennsylvania
On 7/23/19 there were four tornado reports from at least two separate confirmed tornados in Yarmouth / Cape Cod Storm Prediction Center 20190723's Storm Reports

Just a sliver of the coast was included even in the *general* thunderstorm outlook

Reflectivity had a distinctive supercell shape and the base velocity image looks pretty decent if not all that “tight” - especially for that region (obtained from RadarScope archive from around the time of the first report)


I 1FC6B194-2E34-46A7-8F31-D004626D53A9.jpeg

Pretty amazing video of the roof of an inn being torn off

I was not following the weather at all that day. Anyone have any insights into how/why this supercell and tornado was able to form?
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