2019-07-05 Cleveland Minnesota: Wall Cloud-Vortices & ?

Aug 18, 2016
Mankato, Minnesota
I was going to post this in the target area, but since it contains a question, I posted here.
1st off, you'll have to forgive me for the far less than perfect video. I was caught off guard, as in, as far as I know, there wasn't even a slight risk of supercell development in my area that day, & I wasn’t @ home. So all I had is my camcorder, no dash mounts, etc.

The part of the video in question begins at 2.38
Beneath, & slightly left of the developing wall cloud, basically at ground level, you see the white clouds/condensation ?
I'm very familiar with this area, & I'd be pretty confident in saying there is a lake in that area.
It got incredibly muggy that afternoon. Dew points in the mid 70s, air temperature around 90
Could the article in question be the extra moist air from a lake being sucked into the updraft ?

*I'd highly suggest viewing 'full size' @ you-tube*
*Video Speed 4 x Normal*

Mar 18, 2018
South Central MN
To me, it looks like just an updraft and nothing else. It most likely is the humidity cooling as it gets sucked up into the cloud base. The camera moves so much it's hard to watch anyone point to see if there is any rotation, but it didn't appear to rotate. I am just an amateur chaser myself, so I could be wrong.

It appears like you were on 99 heading towards Le Center, MN? I'm from the area.
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Aug 18, 2016
Mankato, Minnesota
Thanks for the reply Mike.
I don't know the road number I was on, but I was going north to south.
99 is more east to west.

But you definitely have the area right. I cross 99 @ .27 in the video. (Cleveland)
I'm not a professional chaser either. I'm assuming there's plenty 'professional chasers' registered at this forum, & I'm surprised none of them have chimed in with ideas on what I was seeing ?

And just in case someone wanting to study this doesn't know it, you can slow the video down at YouTube.
Settings: lower right
Playback Speed: Since I formatted this video at 4 x normal speed, it might be beneficial to slow it down.
You can go as low as 0.25 of regular speed.
Jul 20, 2015
Fargo, ND
There is a couple of points in that video where I could discern some weak rotation at times, but for the most part like the person above said I think it was mostly just updraft. But anatomically I think where you were looking is where things would begin to rotate and lower even more had I gotten a little more strength