2019-05-17 REPORTS: TX/KS/NE/OK

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Started May16th in Greenville, South Carolina drove 17 1/2 hrs. To Foss, OK. Based myself at the State Park. May 17th decided to play in the TX/OK panhandle with the dryline play. It paid off well! The first Tornado dropped in Forgan, OK. Then later on we had the Minneola, KS tornado. Very good Chaser trip, our first Panhandle tornado!

Forgan, OK Video


Minneola, KS Video

Aug 16, 2009
Amarillo, TX
I woke up in my bed in Amarillo this day, split with a 70% chance on going to SW NE, and 30% chance on chancing the Ft. Stockton area. It was the difference between an 8 hour drive north, or 5 hours south. To me, I don't think I've seen the south target look as good for tornadoes as I did on this day. And since I've never successfully chased the Trans-Pecos Valley, I decided to give it a shot. Sat in Midland for about an hour until the storm fired west of Ft. Stockton. We bolted southwest and arrived on the storm just as it started to ramp up. I was surprised at how high based and unorganized the "wall cloud" looked. But the rotation was looking good when a conical funnel came about 1/3 of the way down and began kicking up dust. As soon as the tornado was in progress, the big hail started falling. With it being the first chase of a 2 week stint, I didn't want to lose the windshield quite yet. So we blasted east a little to prevent losing glass. The structure after the tornado was some of the best of the year.

In addition to this chase, we spent the night in San Angelo, TX. We were awakened by our phones signaling a tornado warning. Couple of radar scans was all it took to get our asses out of bed and looking for this thing. The structure was incredible. Unfortunately I left my SD card in the room. We casually watched a mess of rain, wind, and power flashes skirt to our north. Didn't think much about it, but it turned out to be a large EF-2 less than a mile away.

Tornado west of Bakersfield, TX along I-10


Structure from a different supercell further west.
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