2017-06-22 REPORTS: WI

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    June 22nd treated me well once again for the third year in a row! Started the afternoon in SC WI, after arriving home from work, and looking over data. Noted that the best instability/shear overlap would be in NE IA, and SW WI. There was also an OFB in this area that caught my eye, so I headed towards Dubuque, and figured I would most likely adjust north from there. The question was which side of the river to commit to. I grabbed a quick bite to eat in Dubuque, and noticed a cell firing about 30 miles to my NW, near the boundary. I opted to play the WI side of the river, and intercepted the cell near Glen Haven, WI just as daylight was starting to fade. I was amazed to witness Great Plains LPish structure right here in my home state of WI. a19e9b70b63cbb69b5c617414cc1de2a.jpg 9eef2e235b4a6d70dafbc6c575fb17d9.jpg
    The storm never came very close to producing a tornado, but I was still all smiles on the drive home, as structure like this is very rare in WI!
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