2017-06-04 REPORTS: IL/MT

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    Figured I would create a thread as I had a rather interesting encounter less than 10 miles from my house once again. A storm rapidly went up just to the south of an outflow boundary that was moving south and the storm motion was mostly stationary. I approached from the north side of Maquon on highway 97 where I noticed a high based funnel cloud coming out of the updraft of the storm to the right of the precipitation that was falling. GR had a small hail core on this cell which was surprising given the hot temperatures in the low 90's I expected freezing levels to be very high, but once again, this storm did explode quite fast and even had a pileus cap at one point. The funnel cloud lasted about 5 minutes and had precipitation possibly mixed with dust under it. This is why I can't confirm a landspout touch-down because of the precipitation that was mixing with whatever dust was being kicked up. So I'll call this one a for-sure funnel, possible tornado. Still not bad, to see two instances of this within 2 weeks of each other within 10 miles of the house. So odd....

    Sorry for the real shafty quality, all I had was my Iphone and these are zoomed in lol. I had a meeting in Galesburg and literally got on the interstate to follow this thing once I saw it go up. Figured it was worthy of a report section. I leave tomorrow for my 8 day chasecation, so hopefully this is a good sign LOL.



    I have sent the appropriate material over to NWS Lincoln, IL and they are evaluating it. Pretty interesting nonetheless. We don't see too many landspouts around here, so to have 2 in a couple week period is certainly odd.
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