2017-05-10 REPORTS: CO Thundersnow

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I have been trying to document thundersnow this season ever since January. Experienced it two or three times, but on those occasions was not in a position to get video. Other times when I was trying to get video, nature did not cooperate. But Wednesday it did, big time! A half hour of it, with more than a dozen rumbles of thunder with snow coming down, at the top of Colorado's Wolf Creek Pass, and I was there with camera rolling!

Here is short clip. You can see a flash of lightning around the 12 second mark of the video followed by thunder starting around the 28 second mark. So this lightning was about two and a half miles away.

As time permits to edit my video and write up a report, I will post a report with video highlights of the entire event.
Oct 26, 2007
Topeka, Kansas
Nice video John! I like the scenery. About 5 or 6 years ago I was able to capture lightning and thunder during a thundersnow event in Topeka from my garage. But the scenery in mine was pretty boring compared to yours!
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My edited video of the entire event (a half-hour or so of storm condensed into an 8-minute video) can be seen here:

I have also written up a report of my observations of this storm. In addition to the short and longer videos linked in this thread, it includes some photos, radar and lightning maps, and my account of my observations of the storm. You can access it at: