2017-04-01 REPORTS TX

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    This was a pretty marginal day, and I didn't even decide to chase until the last minute, but it turned out being a fun chase! I started on the storm near Sweetwater, then ended up down in Ballinger and followed that storm to Brownwood, TX. There was a tornado reported on that storm, but I have yet to see truly convincing video or photographic evidence of such. I never saw anything that looked tornadic, but I did not have visual on the area of interest for a while, so it is possible.

    Basically what I got out of this storm was some pretty nice structure, and a few lightning shots. Overall a fun storm, and worth the drive.

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    Full write-up on my blog: https://huntfortornadoes.wordpress.com/2017/04/03/chase-log-april-1-2017-valera-tx/
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