2017-01-21 REPORTS: TX/LA/MS/AL

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    Here's a quick video of a tornado that I viewed from CR 120 between Provencal and Natchez Louisiana late yesterday evening.
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  2. Quincy Vagell

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    I broadly targeted northern Louisiana on Saturday for the first 'legit" chase of the year. I sat in Winnfield for a while and opted to pass on the early storms around the Arklatex vicinity, hoping for storms to be more discrete farther south, tapping into the moderately unstable warm sector. These storms did begin to develop around 5 p.m. and I adjusted west-southwest accordingly.

    I found myself east of this storm near Provencal, but was challenged by limited visibility due to trees. I decided to set up for an intercept on I-49, but the tornado lifted as the storm passed over the interstate.

    I followed the cluster of supercells to Natchez and points east, but never had a clear visual on anything conclusive. There was also another possible tornado downstream near Dry Prong. I saw a a stop sign ripped out of the ground, but only spotty/low-end damage otherwise.

    Due to forests, a limited road network and the intermittent nature of significant low-level rotation, I'm not sure how many tornadoes will be verified in the area.

    Here's a grainy screengrab of the probable tornado near Provencal/approaching I-49:
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