2016-11-27 REPORTS

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    What an interesting day. Knew the day had low-topped supercell potential, so decided to venture out with an initial target of Osborne, KS. We figured that was the best combination of low level SRH and moisture. At a glance, parameters were marginal, but CAPE profiles through the depth of the storm were fat and ESRH was in the 300-400 range due to strong 850s and surface winds. Sufficient clearing took place and MLCAPE values were approaching the 500 j/kg range. We though the biggest limiting factor would be veered winds for most of the target area, however winds were backed down to the Nebraska border (farther south than initially forecast) and once the storm crossed the border it dropped numerous tornadoes. It may have produced up to 5 tornadoes, however we documented at least 2 starting near Red Cloud, NE and ending near Lawrence, NE.

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