2016-08-27 REPORTS: ND/MN

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    This day started out as a 0% tor risk and I ended up getting a nice stovepipe tornado. Temps were in the upper 60's and dewpoints were in the low 60's so low cloud bases played a pretty big part in what transpired. Morning storms put out a well defined N-S outflow boundary which storms fired on, storms formed on this boundary but did not ride along it. Interestingly the low-level meso really started ramping up once the storm was about 10-15 miles on the cool side of the boundary.

    Needless to say I had no expectations for this day. I saw some storms firing west of home (Grand Forks) and figured I would go out for some lightning shots. Once I got out of town and had a visual on the storm base I could see I already had a supercell on my hands. After one weak attempt, a second wall cloud formed right next to me and quickly developed extremely violent rotation, this was an incredible sight to see. As I was about to move south to get out of the rfd a stray baseball took out my windshield. After moving about a couple miles south I could see a large tornado forming and I moved east quickly past some tree lines to get a good view. I got some great video as this tornado went from a near wedge to a stove pipe and began to rope out. Pretty incredible day for not even leaving my home county.

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