2016-08-20 REPORTS: OH

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    Realizing this is about a month late however I wanted to post this one seeing as this was my first tornado and the storm had pretty good structure with it as well.

    Another one of those august sleeper days that was unexpected but a local chase for me. Headed out from Mechanicsburg, OH as soon as the warnings were going out and I didn't have to go far to see the 3rd of three tornadoes in Ohio this day. At around 7:00pm I met up with the storm southwest of De Graff and within 45 minutes it dropped a small tornado. While it's not much and only had it in view for about 30 seconds it managed to be my first tornado after beginning chasing this year.


    While im sure its nothing special to the veteran chasers on the forum, we all start somewhere lol. Here's some photos of the event

    IMG_20160820_192731.jpg IMG_20160820_192455.jpg Screenshot_2016-08-20-19-41-36.png IMG_20160820_193534.jpg

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